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Innovation lies at the core of our purpose of delivering legal certainty in a changing world. It runs through everything we do at Linklaters – our legal advice, the way we deliver our services to clients and the way we run our business. We believe the best responses to the challenges brought about by change, whether commercial, geo-political or cultural, require creative, innovative and collaborative thinking.

For Mentimeter innovation is seeing the potential to do things better - and acting on that potential. Frustrated from sitting through too many boring meetings, instead of just accepting this as the reality of work, we saw the potential to do things better. Ever since we have been busy re-imagining what it means to hold meetings, workshops, and lectures - shifting the focus from talking to listening. In the process we have made meetings not only less boring, but more inclusive, transparent and efficient.
Norstedts Juridik | Karnov Group

For Norstedts Juridik, innovation is about creating a whole new layer of technology, legal content and processes in an intertwined and unified way. This without ever losing sight of the foundation – to help customers in the legal field to make better decisions, faster, and in a broader sense to serve justice and secure legal certainty.
DLA Piper Sweden

Innovation at DLA Piper Sweden is best described by our concept of Radical Change, which is the mindset we all must adopt to redefine legal services and a framework DLA Piper has created to pursue creative solutions for our clients. Innovation is about driving and scaling business transformation, delivering solutions beyond traditional legal services to help our clients succeed in the modern business environment.

Innovation is at the core of Legalbuddy's digital DNA: our mission is to make legal services accessible. The platform provides online contracts, content and legal advice - democratising legal services for startups and scaleups. We have let go of the billable hour traditionally used at law firms. Instead, lawyers and developers work closely to use the benefits of technology to lower the thresholds for legal support and help companies on their growth journey 🚀

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