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The Bootcamp was born out of two primary problems.

  1. There was a lack of events that are truly inviting to all kinds of students from all kinds of fields

  2. There is a lack of truly multidisciplinary problem solving and innovation in the legal field

It is widely known that the best way to get a wide range of good, fresh, new ideas is by bringing together different types of people. People with different backgrounds, educations, attitudes and experiences. People of all trades and ages. It makes a lot of sense to the vast majority. Unfortunately - it is usually difficult to get these people in the same room, and to solve the same challenge.

But in 2020 this is what we did. Even if we had an aggressively legal background and worked on a passion for legal technology we managed to not only put together a event for law and computer science students, but for marketing, business and design students as well. In 2022 we hope to pull this off again, with an even wider range of students joining and taking on challenges from our partners. This year, we have a theme: Access to Justice and Social Impact. Why? Because when we asked people from outside the legal sector what gets them passionate about the law they answered: Disrupting the status quo and giving more people access to justice.

The core of the bootcamp

Our vision
→ to merge different fields in one event
→ foster innovation and interdisciplinary culture
→ broaden professional networks

Our values
We are inclusive, innovative, collaborative and daring.

Meet our coaches and mentors

Calina Mircea
Bootcamp Coach
I am fascinated by each person’s uniqueness, their stories and the meaning they make. Driven by my passion, I worked with people for the past 13 years, one-to-one as well as with teams and in group settings. As a coach, I aim to create wide mental and emotional spaces where people can try on different perspectives, that may improve creativity, wellbeing and relationships.

Some of the organizations I contributed to are TEDx Bucharest, Hilton, Accenture, The Romanian Training Institute, British Council, Red Cross, Teach for Romania, ELSA Romania.

Cosmin Lupu
Bootcamp Coach
I am Cosmin - artist and professional educator - I believe in and aim at discovering, empowering and developing each individual’s unique potential, as a human being and beyond. My 24 years of experience as a musician and 13 years as an educator, working with more than 600 people (one on one and groups) from countries across the whole globe, boosted with my love for coaching and psychology, will be at your service and I hope you will choose to use them to the fullest.

For me, innovation means to be alive, in motion, adapting and dynamic, just as the famous Bruce Lee, once said: "Be water, my friend!” Water is what you must become, in order to truly serve and contribute to a purpose beyond the self - that of innovation! How? By flowing like water in its inborn creative way of either filling anything you pour it into, eroding through a mountain, or bringing life to our planet…

Meet the team
the bootcamp!

Malin Männikkö
Project Lead
Malin is a fourth year law school student at Stockholm
University, legal technologist at DLA Piper Sweden and
founder of Stockholm Innovation Bootcamp. In her
spate time she enjoys the outdoors and a good G&T.

David Flodin
Finance and Marketing Lead
David is a fifth year law school student at Stockholm
University where he also has a bachelor's degree in business
administration. He is currently a legal trainee at Klarna.
David is one of the co-founders of Stockholm Innovation Bootcamp.

Linnéa Simon
Design Lead
Linnéa is studying her fourth year of law school at
Stockholm University, she works as a customer success
representative at the legal tech startup Pactumize, and
organizes Stockholm Legal Hackers. She enjoys French
wine, cuisine and culture, in that order.

Calin Capitanu
Tech Lead
Calin is taking his final year of studies in his Computer
Science degree at KTH. He also works for KTH in the
department of Physics and the department of Network
and System Engineering. He loves coding late at night,
with lots of coffee as well as to play the guitar.

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