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25 - 27 March 2022

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What is Stockholm Innovation Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is a week-end long event for students where you will be teamed up with students from other disciplines, given a challenge by one of our Partner companies and tools to solve the challenge through innovation.

The Challenges will come directly from the Partners and their industries, with a social impact twist! This allows us to show that innovation reaches far beyond the problems we might face in our daily lives.

The Participants are you! We welcome participants from any higher education institution in the World to join us in Stockholm. What you study does not matter, we have seen students studying law, economics, marketing and computer science come our way - maybe you’ll be the Bootcamps first from your field?

The Tools are methods, ideas and lectures inspired by design thinking and lean startup methods. The Bootcamp is an excellent opportunity to learn how you can implement them in practice - regardless of your background, the challenges you are facing or the team you are facing them with.

The Partners come from a wide range of professions such as consultancy, law and accounting firms and even publishing companies - read more about them here.

Why Stockholm Innovation Bootcamp?

Learn from the pros!

The Bootcamp features coaches and mentors from additionally different fields further enhancing the interdisciplinary element of the event. The Bootcamp is a unique chance to meet and learn from professionals who work with or in innovative fields on a daily basis.

Learn from the pro's!

Our mentors will guide you during the challenge and provide
important insights in innovation and business strategy

Thoughts about last year's Bootcamp

“Very exciting and educational to solve problems together with other law and tech people. It also gave a good opportunity to network and learn about what the challenges in different industries may be in practice.”

"The Stockholm Innovation Bootcamp became my stepping stone into the interdisciplinary field of legaltech. The most valuable thing was socializing and working with professionals and students that inspired me further."

“The SIB is the perfect mix of fun, learning, and networking all wrapped in a 3 day format. I had a great time mentoring students and seeing them come up with innovative solutions. I warmly encourage students to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get hands-on experience in real life business scenarios.”

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